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About this Blog

The reason for this blog site is so I can continue on with my passion which is video game news articles. For those of you who enjoy anime this blog is also for you because I write anime news and a fellow journalist on this blog will be writing anime recommendations every week.

As of right now we are using the free plan but if anyone wants to help us out so we can upgrade all donations are for the site and all donations are through via PayPal! So if anyone enjoys our content on here please feel free to donate a few dollars. Once I can upgrade and earn money/save up I will gladly donate to any small bloggers on here!


If anyone enjoys reading our gaming news articles and or the anime articles and want to give us a friendly tip for a specific article or want to donate towards the site you are more than welcome to. There is a tip button on the top right of the home page.

My personal goal is to reach enough money to buy a new laptop, because the laptop i’m using now is not a good one, it freezes closes me out while writing articles or researching and I can’t do any updates on it. So in order for me to write a lot more articles Im going to need a new laptop.

If anyone does tip or donate we appreciate it! And Thank you!

About Me!

I am just a girl with a dream to make a living off of what I enjoy doing and that would be writing video game news articles for all my fellow gamers and writing anime news articles for fellow anime fans.

I am currently unemployed but I am trying to make a living with this blog site!


If anyone wants to get in contact with me for anything related to the site please don’t hesitate to leave me an e-mail, I check my email daily.

Note: Only email me if it is about the site or a specific article. Or if you want to join my blog team.

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