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Coming Soon, Destiny 2: Season of the Dawn

Here’s whats to come for Season of the Dawn

With a few weeks left for Season of the Undying, Bungie has announced when they’ll be launching the upcoming season, which is December 10th.

In their weekly blog post, Bungie revealed nerfs for two of the game’s most divisive items, the Recluse Sub Machine Gun and the one-eyed mask Titan’s helmet.

Bungie has also revealed that the players will lose access to some of Season of the Undying’s achievements and ranks during the weekly reset on Dec, 10th.

On December 10th, Destiny 2 will officially change from season 8 to season 9. The studio hasn’t yet revealed what the players will spend their time on for the next season.

What’s to change:

Bungie has revealed that several balance changes are coming at the start of the new season. The Sub Machine Gun, The Recluse, which can kill very quickly in PvP and PvE modes. It’s going to receive a damage nerf. The Titan’s one-eye mask helmet will lose ability to grant Titans an overshield after getting a kill.

Besides the two nerfs, Bugie has addressed the games latest exotic weapon, the Xenophage. The Xenophage isn’t as strong as most players would like it to be and Bungie agrees. So at the beginning of Season 9, they’re boosting up the gun’s power by 50% on PvE activities.

Bungie will be revealing more changes coming to Destiny 2 with Season 9 over the coming weeks.

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