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YouTube Massive Changes!

Content Creators on YouTube are in a panic!

The ongoing enforcement of the COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act), many of the content creators feel that by complying with COPPA this would put them at a disadvantage as YouTube Creators.

The FTC has decided that it’s time to relook some laws regarding COPPA.

COPPA was made to protects kids, to make sure their not giving out their email, phone number, or any personal information without the consent of a parents or nobody’s getting information off a child on the internet.

The rules have changed recently, apparently YouTube is under violation of COPPA. Because of the fact YouTube has been getting information off the kids.

There are two types of ads:

  1. Personalized: getting your information off you based off your search history, watching on YouTube to just find a product that would best fit you. Those are the ads that the FTC are very upset about.
  2. Contextualize: These are much different types of ads, they are placed onto the video because of the context of the ad out of the creator. Not getting any information off the viewer, just on the content and the creator.

The FTC has come down on YouTube and YouTube had to pay a one hundred and seventy million dollar fine for whats been going on.

The reason that this is going on now is because of the fact that under YouTube’s Terms and Service you must be 13 or older to create a YouTube account. Because the child age here in america is 12 and under. Adult would be considered 13 and up. Now that is why they made YouTube Kids, they don’t show any personalized ads.

The FTC decided that’s no longer good enough and there are too many kids watching YouTube instead of YouTube Kids.

Starting January 1st they’re going to be launching so many massive changes, which will affect every “for kid” channel. But, not just the kid channels but also the other channels that have been deamed as “kid friendly” or anything attracted to kids.

What the FTC Decides as Kid Content

  • Children are the intended audience
  • Includes child actors or models
  • Includes characters, celebrities or toys that appeal to children
  • Uses languages that is meant for children to understand
  • Includes activities that appeal to children
  • Includes songs,stores, or poems that appeal to children

If a YouTuber doesn’t mark their video “for kids” and they think it is then the creator of the video will get in big trouble and pay a fine up to forty-two thousand dollars per video. Anything that contains cartoon characters, most video game videos, toys and etc is what will attract a child.

If a content creator make a kid friendly video or their channel kid friendly they will lose personalized ads, which make up 60-90% of the revenue for most YouTubers. If they make their channel “For Kids” they’ll lose:

  2. Personalized ads
  3. Info cards
  4. Endscreens
  5. Stories
  6. Community Tab
  7. Notification bell
  8. Viewer ability to save to “watch later” or “Save Playlist”
  9. Many more

The list above is everything YouTubers will lose once January 1st comes to any channel deemed as “For Kids”.

If you’re a content creator and you do not agree with any of this you can sign the petition. Also you can leave a comment on this link for the FTC but be mature about it.

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