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China Bans Children Playing Video Games for more than 90 Minutes a Day/Night…

Gaming Addiction can be detrimental to physical and mental health in minors

China recently announced a drastic curfew on children in attempt to restrain video game addiction in the country. Gamers under the age of 18 are going to be banned from playing online games for more than 90 minutes on week days and forbidden from between 10pm and 8am. During the weekends and public holidays they’ll be allowed up to 3 hours a day to play games.

The official Chinese government guidelines outline of the new restrictions have been issued by China’s General Administration of Press and Publication. It will be imposed directly through gaming platforms operating in the country.

Spokesperson of the administration has told state-run, Xinha news agency that the drastic curfew is designed to protect the “physical and mental health in minors”.

They had also put a limitation of how much money children can spend on games. Gamers under the age of 16 are only allowed 200 yuan ($28.42 in USD) per month. Gamers between 16 and 18 can only spend 400 yuan (56.84 USD) per month.

As we all know China is the world’s second biggest gaming market behind the US, but the authorities have always criticized the negative impact that video games have on young people.

In 2005, a study found that 500 million Chinese civilians had suffered from visual impairment, in which researchers blame the rise of mobile phone and online games.

Video game companies have always been accused of purposely making their games more addicting. Fortnite developer, Epic Games, has recently been accused of hiring psychologist to make their game addictive as possible.

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