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Battleborn Servers Shutdown 2021

Despite the dieharts who have went as far as going to organized events in the attempt to save the game. But it seems like the game is already destined to go down in history as the “high-profile” flop.

Two years ago, Gearbox, the developer has stopped the updates to the game. Recently the publisher, 2K has announced plans to stop the entire game.

On Twitter, 2K has said that January 2021 the servers for the game will be deactivated and the game will not be playable. The game has already been de-listed from stores. By February 2020 2K will be pulling the plug on the player’s ability to buy in-game currency. Between the money store being turned off and the end in 2021 the players will still be able to spend the in-game money they have already bought and or continued to earn.

Besides the currency nothing else in the game is going to change until January 2021, when the game will officially be offline.

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