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Pokémon Company Starts Search for Web Users Who Leaked Info

The folks behind the Pokémon franchise are looking to catch more than some cute Pocket Monsters.

The Pokémon Company and its lawyers have drawn up a lawsuit with the purpose of uncovering who leaked details of Pokémon Sword and Shield online. These details first surfaced on November 1 when anonymous internet users made posts to Discord and 4chan.

Some of the first leaked images posted on Discord featured pictures and details from a unreleased Sword and Shield strategy guide, including a picture of Gigantamax Machamp (pictured below). Other Gigantamax forms, as well as a full list of Gen 8 Pokémon, were also leaked to 4chan.

The lawsuit, filed on November 22 with the District Court in Seattle, Wash., revealed that the Discord users posted 18 more images from the strategy guide within the first 15 hours. The images only took about 30 minutes to make it onto 4chan and Reddit, the lawsuit notes.

Lawyers representing The Pokémon Company say that these leaks violate the company’s right to protect its trade secrets and is demanding compensation for the damages done to its intellectual property. According to the lawsuit, investigators have already identified four of the Discord users responsible for the leaks, although they have not yet been named in any litigation.

Perkins Coie LLP, the law firm sponsoring the lawsuit, claim these leaks “will continue to cause irreparable injury to (The Pokémon Company)” if legal action is not taken against those responsible.

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