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Destiny 2: Weekly Reset Update (Nov.26,2019)

The Weekly Reset is Live

Since the weekly reset is here that means Xur is gone well just until Friday at 1pm EST, and the Iron Banner is here. There’s also a lot of new in-game activities to do.

So guardians get your Arc subclasses ready for strikes, your weapons polished for the Iron Banner, and get ready to battle enemies on the Tangled Shore for Flashpoint.

The Iron Banner is returning for it final appearance before Season of Dawn begins.

“This will be your final shot at earning Pinnicale rewards from the Iron Banner until next season. If you haven’t finished up your season pursuit make sure to do it before the end of the event, Dec 3.”

Start: 12pm EST (9am PT) Nov 26

Ends: 12pm EST (9am PT) Dec 3

For those of you that are new to Destiny 2, every Tuesday at 12pm EST (9am PT) Bungie does a weekly reset update, normally with new content and hotfixes.

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