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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, December Update

Welcoming back a returning monster!

Capcom recently revealed they’re bringing back a monster to the game, the Stygain Zinogre also know as the “Hell Wolf Wyvern.”

The returning monster has decided to claim the Tundra Region and it’s up to you and your party to hunt him down.

The Hell Wolf Wyvern is a massive dragon-like creature, covered in electrical shocks and thunder attacks. He comes from the game’s version of hell, whatever that may be.

A positive thing about this monster coming back is he’s not near a volcano, so you don’t have to deal with many terrain problems. But, he is in the snow which means you still have to deal with getting to him before time runs out and before your party dies, which will happen often.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Stygain Zinogre Trailer:

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