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Destiny 2 Season of Dawn, Return to Mercury

Since Season of the Undying is ending in just a few days, get ready for a trip down memory lane in more ways than one.

Bungie recently teased what players can expect when the new season begins on December 10th. For the next season the main focus this time around is going to be returning to Mercury.

Not only do you have to help Osiris manipulate time to stop the cabal from undoing your victory against them but you also get to use time travel to save the legendary Saint-14 from meeting an untimely end.

The co-op multiplayer fans might also like the new “Sundial” activity. It’s a 6-player defending Osiris’ prized machine against a Cabal horde.

Since we’re talking about Destiny, we all know there’s going to be more and new loot. Players will be able to access the new seasonal armor sets and gear like the “Symmetry” an exotic Scout Rifle.

The season pass owners will get plenty of perks. In order to play the “Sundial” you’ll need a pass. But, paying also unlocks the “Symmetry” and offers access to an exotic emote, finisher, ghost, and ornament right away. Players can also expect exotic quests, triumphs, bounties, and lore books.

Season of Dawn will end on March 9th 2020.

Also, Bungie is still well aware of the complaints that the players would quickly run out of things to do.

Here’s the trailer for Season of Dawn, so Enjoy!

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