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Update: Outer Wilds

Mobius Digital, the developer for Outer Wilds has released a new patch update for the game.

Patch Notes

  • They’ve removed an invisible repelling force that is no longer necessary.
  • Added menu for gameplay options that can be triggered by looking at the player suit in the ship after the first loop
  • Visually revamped menu UI system
  • Significant performance improvement on PS4
  • Changed the clue in the Black Hole, again
  • Sound no longer travels between Dark Bramble areas

Design Improvements

  • Fig backer satellite is now more easily accessible and less frustrating to explore
  • Fuel and oxygen gauges in the ship cockpit now gives actual measurements.


  • Tool tips added to gameplay options menu to describe each option
  • Scroll bars across the game can now fully scroll top to bottom
  • Improved dialogue UI to fit text better
  • Asterisks in the ship log are now orange/yellow


  • Visual effects improved for a certain sequence in the high energy lab
  • Ash Twin hologram on the orbital probe cannon now has antenae
  • Ship log picture changed from the High Energy lab mural
  • Improved the lighting and added baked ambient occlusion to a certain nomai area
  • The mesh geometry on the little scout now rotates to match the camera direction

Minor Fixes and Adjustments

  • Fixed the archaeologist achievement that allows the players to get all ship log facts from Gabbro
  • Not being able to look/rotate while using a nomai projection pool in zero gravity has been fixed
  • Miscellaneous crash bugs are fixed
  • Bug that occasionally made the geometry of the planet you’re on disappear has now been fixed
  • Planet symbols at the Black Hole forge has been bixed
  • Fixed the lake bed cave lighting bug that occurred when player enters in a certain way
  • Player no longer slightly see inside the clouds on Giant’s Deep
  • Slate and Hal’s auto conversation triggers can now deactivate if you talk to them manually
  • The bug that occasionally vaulted the player upwards while jumping at a certain object has now been fixed
  • A PS4 crash on the first visit to the Backer Satellite has been fixed
  • A bug when the auto pilot tries to directs you towards something that does not exist anymore is fixed
  • Bug is fixed for singularities

I’ll keep you all posted for any future game updates!

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