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Inside the Vault: Fallout 76 Update 16

During this week on Fallout 76, Bethesda has shared some of update 16’s highlights so you can get a sneak peak of their last patch of the year, before it releases on Tuesday Dec, 10.

They’ve rounded up details for a lot of the upcoming limited time activities. Which includes a free trial weekend, Double XP event, Present filled Holiday scorched event, and two sets of Holiday Nuclear Winter challenges.

Free Trial

Starting December 12th, you will be able to take on the Wilds of Appalachia and play Fallout 76 for free for a limited time during the new Free Trial Weekend.

The trial won’t include the upcoming Wastelanders content. But, you’ll be able to access the full base game for the length of the event. The game will also be on sale during the time, you’ll be able to get your own game for up to 50% off. The progress you make in the trial will be preserved as long as you are using the same account.

Details: Free Trial Weekend

  • Start: Thursday December 12th at 11am EST
  • End: Monday December 16 at 12pm EST
  • Note console players: Xbox Gold or PlayStation Plus is required to access the Fallout 76 Free Trial weekend

Double XP Event

Bethesda is also hitting it off with a new Double XP event for all of the game modes during the same dates and times. So, you’ll be able to level up twice as fast while doing quests, exploring, or even trying out a few of the Nuclear Winter matches.


The next new update for Fallout 76 will have something for everyone as Appalachia settles into the Holiday season.

Update 16 is set to be released Tuesday December 10 along with the full patch notes during maintenance.

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