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PlayStation State of Play 2019

Here’s what was said and announced during this years State of Play.

At the start of the live stream they had announced and showed a trailer for the game “Untitled Goose Game” which is coming out Dec 17.

After they showed the Goose game, they showcased a brand new battle royal. Instead of using weapons to defeat other players you are using magic. SpellBreak combines roleplaying and spell-based magic combat. The online multiplayer spellbinding battle royal is coming in 2020.

Another new game coming in 2020 is a game called “Dreams” and it’s MM’s newest game, it will be releasing Feb 14 2020. Dreams is a mind-bending world of superliminal.

Coming to PSVR is the new “Paper Beast” game. Where you the player can explore the living and dynamic VR ecosystem, manipulate the fascinating wildlife, play with terrain or fluids, and you can also unravel the mysteries of the paper beats. With Sandbox mode it lets you explore a dream-like ecosystem and solve environmental puzzles.

Coming to PlayStation Jan 23 2020 is the new Kingdom Hearts DLC, ReMind. This DLC will include new playable characters and new battles. Pre-order Today!

Another game coming in 2020 is “Predator Hunting Grounds”. In this game you can play as 1 of 3 classes. The Hunter, The Berserker, and or the Scout. Each of those 3 characters comes with their own abilities/perk. If you pre-order you get an exclusive 1987 predator skin along with the early access “Ol Painless” mini gun.

New game from Square Enix, Babylon’s Fall, it’s a combat focused game. More  details coming summer 2020.

Resident Evil 3 coming April 3, 2020. Which includes the online game, Resident Evil Resistance. Pre-order the game and you will get the Resident Evil 3 classic costume pack.

Since the 25th anniversary of PlayStation was n Dec 3rd, Ken Kutaragi had a special message.

Before the state of play show was over they showed one last game called “Ghost of Tsuchima” created by Sucker Punch Productions. To see more of this game tune in to the Game Awards live on Dec 12th.

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