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Nintendo: Indie World 2019 Showcase

At this years Nintendo Indie World Showcase they had a lot of new Indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch in 2020 and some games that were just recently released the day of the Showcase.

To start things off they showcased a new game called “Sports Story” made by Sidebar Games. This game is the sequel to Golf Story, but Sports Story isn’t just a game about sports, it is a full golf adventure with a whole lot of Tennis game play. This game also has dungeons, mini games, and more. It’s releasing mid 2020.

Next in the showcase they announced “Streets of Rage 4” which is launching the first half of 2020. More details are still to come.

This next game tells a quiet and mysterious story in an artistic world with stained-glass. In this world, the player becomes a single sword and with the help of children, you fight against powerful enemies to uncover the mysteries of the world. Gleamlight is coming early 2020.

If you love food and video games then this next game is just for you. Bake N Switch s a violent cute co-op couch game about food, created by Steamline Games. You plus three other players must work together as a team to punch, combine, and bake dough before time runs out. In PvP mode it’s every player for themselves. Bake N Switch is launching Summer of 2020.

Coming to the Switch in May 2020 is a game that makes other games. SuperMash is a love letter to game culture set in a game shop owned by a brother and sister that discovers a mysterious game console. While the creator was talking about this new game he gave away his favorite mash in a code, here’s the code: ZYX1W1. You can use this code when you purchase the game.

For this next game, if you enjoy puzzle game like I do then “The Talos Principle” is the game for you. This game has ancient ruins that are filled with advanced technology. In this first person puzzle game, you are tasked by your creator to solve a series of complex puzzles. You’ll devert drones, manipulate laser beams, and even replicate time to prove your work or to find a way out. Players can choose their own path in this nonlinear world and uncover the clues you need to decide for yourself. There’s more than 120 puzzles to solve so brace yourself.

A high seas adventure is coming to the Switch in 2020. SailForth is a high sea adventure combined with classic haul action with exploration. You can expand your fleet and battle pirates, sea monsters, and even the sea itself. The entire map is randomly generated and all across it you’ll discover islands to explore and quests to take; from rescuing sailors to looting pirates. You will be doing it from your custom boat. You can pick the design, colors, weapons, and equipment you want on the ship. As you progress through the game you’ll be able to add new boats to your fleet and give orders to your crew on boats that you’re not sealing yourself.

This next game isn’t new to most games, but available to the Switch is Dauntless. The developer at Phoenix Labs, Nick Clifford, shared the fresh look of Dauntless including the reveal of their new content expansions “Storm Chasers”. Complete with the sky fighter armor and sky metal weapon set. These cosmetic items are available exclusively to the players on the Nintendo Switch for free.

Next up is a comic book type of game. Murder by Numbers takes place in Hollywood during the 90’s. This game is about an actress on a hit TV show that finds herself starring in her own murder mystery. Will you and your robot scout be able to solve the case one monogram at a time? Along the way you will interrogate weird and wonderful characters, uncover tangled web of conspiracy deception, and murder.Murder by Numbers launches first as an exclusive on the Switch in early 2020.

Launching January 2020, OddWorld: Stranger’s Wrath is about a mysterious bounty hunter whom is a stranger to everyone, because that is his name. He doesn’t take kindly t guns but, he will kindly take your money in exchange for the bounties he collects, because he needs the cash bad. He’ll hunt down every outlaw and Mongo Valley if that’s what it takes.

The title of this next game says it all, Skate Bird. You play as a cute little bird and skateboard. You also help out other birds in need of help in the game as well. This game is set to release late 2020.

Another comic book style game is coming to the Switch in 2020. Liberated a comic book style game that blends the art style of cyberpunk, hand drawn graphic novels with interactivity and action. To create one seamless experience of this near future dystopia.

Coming in 2020, Boyfrien Dungeon is a dating simulator dungeon crawler mashup game. You clear out enemies using weapons that transform into cute single men. You can forge precious memories with your many Lux and use their individual combat styles to clear out all the monsters, as you uncover the dungeon secrets together and go on romantic dates as well.

Releasing early 2020, Dreamscaper. In this game sometimes the only way to face a tough subject is a head on, even if it means battling a nightmareish depression living inside a young woman’s subconscious. Players will have an expansive combat system on your side. From confining a brawler to top down shooter to a dungeon crawler. And every time you go to sleep you’ll face another randomized dungeon found in one of the game’s beautifully hunting dreamscapes littered with powerful artifacts, challenges, and puzzles.

Craft, build, and even train monkeys in, The Survivalist. Releasing in 2020. This co-op survival sandbox game is set in the Escapists universe. In this game you play on procedurally generated islands that are alive. The islands change during the day and night cycle an they’re riddled with adventure and a wealth of secrets.

Before the Indie World Showcase ended, Tom Happ; the creator of Axiom Verge had made a statement, thanking both Nintendo and the Nintendo fans for the love they have shown to Axiom Verge over the years. Happ has been quietly working on the next installment of Axiom Verge for about 4 years now.

Here’s the sneak peak of Axiom Verge 2, coming Fall 2020

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