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Neverwinter: Seasonal Event Winter Festival

The seasonal event is back! The village of Twilight Tor is once again serving as host for the marry making adventures that wish to participate in this event.

Started: Dec 12 at 10am PT

Ends: Jan 2 at 10am PT


  • Twilight Run
    • An exhilarating sled race through the snowy mountains
  • Ice Fishing
    • If racing isn’t your forte then you can reel in ice fish. Since 2018, the fishing event has been updated to align with the fishing introduced in the Sea of Moving Ice.
  • Players that want to be festively heroic can fight the monsters that have made their way back to the festival. So stop the threat that the monsters on ice event. So stop the threat that monsters on ice event cause and protects the citizens of Twilight Thor.

Note: The monsters on Ice is balanced for players 60 and up. Lower levels will have a harder time defeating them. Good Luck!


The following are the new rewards available for this year:

Winter Flail Snail

Can be purchased at the Star of Fortune Trader

Yeti Vanity Pets: Crystal & Herman

Crystal: chance at dropping from Starlight Parcels or Starlight bags
Herman: Can be purchased for 350 light of Simril

Also, rewards from previous years have returned as well. Which includes the following:

  • Twilight Yeti
  • Frozen Throne
  • Sleds
  • And more

Enjoy the Festival!

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