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PlanetSide Arena Shutting Down

DayBreak Game Company recently announced their plans to shut down PlanetSide Arena on Jan 10, 2020.

Their free to play battle royale first person shooter spin off of PlanetSide 2, had been released into Early Access on Sept 19. 2020. Which was less than 4 months ago.

The reason behind the shut down of the game is because it didn’t attract enough players to sustain the large battles its meant to.

The servers for the game will shut down so the game will be unplayable and the players that did spend real money for the DLC or micro-transaction cash will be getting a refund.

“While our team set out with an ambitious vision for a game that comined the massive scale combat and camaraderie of PlanetSide through a diverse collection of new game modes, it has become clear after several months in Early Access that our population levels makes it impossible to sustain the game play experience we envisioned.” DayBreak explains in the announcement.

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