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Games Coming this Week to the Switch

Nintendo Switch players, here are the following games coming this week:

Week of 12/17

Duel Brain: $14.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19

Dual Brain Vol.1: Calculation Box Art

Kuukiomi: Consider it!: $4.99 12/19

KUUKIYOMI: Consider It! Box Art

JDM Racing: $3.99 (Pre-Purchase) 12/19

JDM Racing Box Art

Mirror $9.99 12/19

Mirror Box Art

Melbits World $9.99 12/19

Melbits World Box Art

Bayala- The Game $39.99 12/19

bayala - the game Box Art

60 Parsec! $8.49 12/20

60 Parsecs! Box Art

Farabel $4.99 12/20

Farabel Box Art

Next week I’ll let you all know what games are coming to The Switch! So until then stay tuned.

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