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This Week on Destiny 2

This week Bungie is closing out 2019, it has been quite a year!

This week Lord Saladin is holding the first Iron Banner of Season of Dawn.

Iron Banner and Valor Bonus

Start: Dec 24th at 12pm EST

End: Dec 31 at 12pm EST

There’ll be a 2.0 armor version of the Iron Truage set available during this season. The Seasonal Pursuit to get the new armor will be similar to the last season’s.. But, Bungie has changed some of the steps and what weapons are required to gain progress.

How Iron Banner Works

In this new seasonal pursuit it must be completed prior to being able to turn in tokens to Lord Saladin to purchase packages.

The pursuit is character and reward based armor set. And each set of the pursuit rewards an Iron Banner weapon or armor. Most of the objectives for the pursuit track progress at any point during this season, even if you haven’t yet acquired the pursuit yet,

Once the seasonal pursuits have been completed, all the rewards will be obtained from completing matches and bounties. All rewards are going to be weapons until the seasonal pursuit is completed.

The 7 bounties offering pinnical rewards will be power max of 970, but only 4 are available per event.

Note: players that have been paying close attention to the Season of Dawn event Calender, you may have seen an Iron Banner themed bow. Bungie was hoping they be able to make the new bow available this season but, sadly Bungie is pushing it to be available in the next season. They do apologize for the delay, they wanted to address it beforehand so there’s no confusion.

Image result for destiny 2 season of dawn calendar

Also with today’s reset update, Bungie has also changed the Arsenal of Tricks bounty; the ability for the final blow requirements are now reduced by half.

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