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Riley Howell, A New Honored Jedi


A Star Wars fan has been immortalized in a visual dictionary as Ri-Lee Howell, a Jedi Master and historian.

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The college student and huge Star Wars fan, Riley Howell has gained his wings after protecting his follow classmates from a gunman who had open fired in the classroom he was in. Riley had tackled the gunman and in the process he had gotten shot, while preventing anymore injuries and or deaths from happening.

Riley was 21 years old and have been a Star Wars fan since he was a young child. Jedi’s have always been close to his heart and what he did to protect everyone was exactly what a Jedi would have done.

After the incident Riley was tipped off by Lucasfilms and they have plan to honor Riley in a forthcoming book, Star Wars: the Rise of Skywalker- the visual Dictionary.

Back in May, the fan relations team for Lucasfilms had written a letter to Howell’s family expressing their condolences.

“Riley’s courage and selflessness brings out the Jedi in all of us. We hope that you may rejoice in his memory and we join you in honoring his life and example. As a small tribute our story group has incorporated a re-imagining of Riley’s name as a character in the Star Wars Galaxy. The entry in the book credits Jedi Master and historian “Ri-Lee Howell” with collecting many of the earliest accounts of exploration and codifications of the Force. – Lucas Seastorm, fan relations team member

Riley Howell, 21, and classmate died on April 30 as a hero. May this jedi rest in peace and watch over his loved ones!

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