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Coming this Week to the Switch (1/2-1/10)

Since the first week of January only has one new game coming to the Switch I did the 1st and 2nd week of January in this article!

Here are the following games coming to the Switch between Jan 2nd to the 10th:

January 2nd

  • Pre-Purchase Link a Pix Deluxe $7.99
Link-a-Pix Deluxe Box Art

January 6th

  • Blackmoor 2 $9.99
Blackmoor 2 Box Art
  • Pre-Purchase Ultimate Racing 2D $9.99
Ultimate Racing 2D Box Art

January 9th

  • 140 $4.99
140 Box Art
  • THOTH $4.99

January 10th

  • Aborigenus $4.99
Aborigenus Box Art
  • Technosphere $14.99
Technosphere Box Art
  • Pre-Purchase Drunk-Fu: Wasted Master $4.99
Drunk-Fu: Wasted Masters Box Art

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