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25 Year old Game Thought to be Lost

The game by the name of “The Golden Flute 4: The Flute of Immortality”, has recently been found after 25 years .

The creator of Freeware graphics editor, Rick Brewster had made the game in the early 90’s when he was only 12.

After all the years that went by he had thought his work had gotten lost for good because the only copy of the game had been given to his cousin. Until earlier this month he saw a Twitch streamer, Macaw. Who specializes in Retro games.

Macaw was playing the game during a dive into obscure DOS game hosted on the Internet Archive. Even though Macaw wasn’t really impressed with the low-fi Quest for Glory, which was made by a 12 year old. But, Brewster was thrilled to see that his work had somehow survived and uploaded to the internet after all these years.

As he explains, his game was part of a series of fans sequels he had made into a text adventure called “The Golden Flute.” Which they were published into a book teaching basic programming skills, so the readers can make their own game.

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