July 28, 2021

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Games to Pre-Order on Xbox One (Jan-May 2020)

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Here are the games that you can pre-order between now and May as of right now, but more are yet to come.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (Jan 17)
Image result for dragon ball z kakarot
Kingdom Hearts 3: ReMind (Jan 23 for PS4) (Feb 23 for Xbox One)
Image result for kingdom hearts 3 remind
Journey to the Savage Planet (Jan 28)
Image result for journey to the savage planet xbox one
Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Feb 4)
Image result for zombie army 4 dead war xbox one
Monster Energy Supercross 3 (Feb 4)
Image result for monster energy supercross 3 xbox one
Darksiders Genesis (Feb 14)
Image result for darksiders genesis
One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows (Feb 28)
Image result for one punch man a hero nobody knows xbox one
My Hero: One’s Justice 2 (Mar 13)
Image result for my hero one's justice 2 xbox one
Doom Eternal (Mar 20)
Image result for Doom Eternal xbox one
Bleeding Edge (Mar 24)
Image result for bleeding edge xbox one
One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 ( Mar 27)
Image result for one piece pirate warriors 4 xbox one
Resident Evil 3 (Apr 3)
Image result for resident evil 3 xbox one
CyberPunk 2077 (Apr 16)
Image result for cyberpunk 2077 xbox one
Marvel’s Avengers (May 15)
Image result for marvel's avengers xbox one
Wasteland 3 (May 19)
Image result for wasteland 3 xbox one

What games are you most excited about? I’m mostly excited for Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot and the new DLC for Kingdom Hearts 3.

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