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Borderlands 3 Update Jan 16, 2020

Gearbox released an update today for Borderlands 3, and the hotfixes that came with this update addressed various concerns reported by their game’s community. It also kicks off the two week Maliwan Takedown event along with the new Farming Frenzy mini-event.

Starting today is the Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite event which ends on the 30th of this month. This event will be scaled to the number of players. During the Maliwan Takedown event matchmaking is set up to get you into the Takedown as quickly as possible.

The event is no easy feature, so players make sure you are ready with the “Takedown at the Maliwan Blacksite Quick Guide” but remember the guide was written for the normal Takedown.

Also, during the Farming Frenzy mini-event Gearbox is making a few other changes; Rare spawn enemies are also showing up more often and they’re temporarily boosting the Anointed and Legendary drop rates. For the next 2 weeks every boss will have boosted drop rates, including the boss for the Maliwan Takedown.

Bug Fixes

  • Reported concern with itemcard and hotfix sometimes not showing information correctly
  • Reported concern that Judge Hightower was sometimes not dropping items from his dedicated item pool
  • Adjusted the balance of Fabrikator, Freddie, ST4NL3Y, Constructor, Tony Bordel, Tricksy Nick, and Third Rail to provide a greater challenge
    • Dev Note: “We noticed that the bosses in the Handsome Jackpot weren’t providing players with a satisfying challenge. We’ll be monitoring these bosses and make adjustments as needed in the future.”
  • The Ion Cannon now has a 5 second reload and consumes at least 6 ammo per shot
    • “The Ion Cannon in a strong weapon and we don’t want to change that, but it’s a little over performing. We’ve increased the reload time and made it consume more ammo but left its damage unchanged to still provide a strong burst of damage.”
  • Added collisions to prevent the Gunner from sometimes becoming stuck in Meridian Mercantile
  • Added collisions to prevent players from sometimes escaping the map on various locations
  • Increased the radius of the New- U Station at the Arrogant Approach
  • A reported perceived progression blockers when using Glamoure on the Abomination during “It’s alive”

Anointment Effectiveness Increased

Since Gearbox didn’t think some of the Anointed weapons weren’t providing enough of a bonus, they’ve increased the bonuses on the Anointments below:

Moze, The Gunner
  • While Auto Bear is active, it deals 75% bonus incendiary damage from the 20%
  • After leaving Iron Bear, the next 2 mags will have 125% bonus incendiary damage from the 40%
  • After exiting Iron Bear, gain 160% Splash damage for 18 seconds from 120%
  • When entering/exiting Iron Bear, Nova damage is increased
Zane, The Operative
  • While Barrier is active, the accuracy is increased by 60%
    • Critical Hit damage is increased by 70% from 30%
  • While SNTL is active gain 100% from 50% damage as bons cyro damage
FL4K, The Beastmaster
  • While exiting Fade Away the nova damage is increased
  • After using Rakk Attack gain 50% from 25% critical hit damage for a short time

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