July 30, 2021

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PlayStation Plus Free February Games

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Hello PlayStation Plus gamers, February is getting three free games for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

Remember: you must have the PlayStation Plus subscription in order to download these free games digitally. But if you have the disk just pop it in.

First game is BioShock: The Collection, this game collection includes the original BioShock game, the direct sequel BioShock 2, and BioShock Infinite the remastered forms. Along with all of their DLCs.

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Up next we have Sims 4, which is the latest title in EA’s longest running simulation franchise. Sims 4 is life simulation game, players create their sim character and can control their life to explore different personalities which changes the way the game plays out.

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The last game coming free for PlayStation Plus is ‘Firewall Zero Hour’ and this game is exclusively for PSVR. You and three other players can tackle tactically demanding shooter simulations via online multiplayer. Players can also practice their tactics against┬ábots that scale with rank either solo, or in a 4-player squad which either can be private or public matchmaking.

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