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Fallout 76: Inside The Vault, Wastelanders Reputation System Details

Bethesda is gearing up to share a special Wastelanders announcement with all you Fallout 76 players next week. But in the meantime, they also have a rundown of the faction reputation system for you.

New Wastelanders Trailer Next Week

If any of you have been keeping up with the Fallout 76 news, then you probably know that Bethesda is hard at work on their upcoming Wastelanders update. They have been regularly highlighting some of the new content coming to the game. They’ve also been sharing new screenshots and they recently opened a private test server so that players outside their studio can join them in test playing (more invites are soon on the way!)

But, they would like to give players another peek at what is to come in the Wastelanders beyond a few new screenshots and words. So they’ve put together a new official trailer. They are revealing the trailer Thursday February 4th, so keep an eye on that day for full details.

Make Some New Friends

Last week they’ve introduced you ti the Settlers and the Raiders, which are the two major factions whom are on their way to Appalachia with the upcoming Wastelanders update.

But this time they are sharing some details about a new reputation system that’ll help you move from a total stranger to a close confidant with each faction and earn a few rewards as well.

When you meet the settlers and Raiders for the first time, they’ll be hesitant to include you in their affairs. But, the more you do to help a faction by offering information taking down their enemies and completing quests the move you’ll prove you are someone they cn rely on and your reputation will increase with the faction. So, eventually you’ll rise through seven different reputation “ranks” from hostile/cautious to neutral/friendly and an ally among others.

Anytime you gain reputation with a faction you’ll receive a notification that shows how much rep you have earned. The amount of rep you earn also depends on what you’ve done to earn it. By completing a story quest, for example will net you a large amount of rep. meanwhile finishing a faction daily quest or making certain choices during conversations offer additional ways to get more rep.

76 WST ReputationProgress 650x250
Source: Fallout 76 Inside the Vault

Players will be able to view their current standing with both factions at any time by opening the social menu. An icon for each faction indication your current rep rank will appear at the top of the social menu near your account name. You click this to open a rep pop-up that shows your rank and your progress towards the next rank.

76 WST ReputationMenus 1920
Source: Fallout 76 Inside the Vault

As the players rep ranks with the Raiders and Settlers increase, the people at Carter and Foundation will treat you with more warmth during your interactions and the faction’s vendors will sell you a wider range of goods. Completing story content you’ll gain access to new vendors that’ll sell plans for a few new faction-themed items which’ll unlock certain ranks; for example, Neighborly, friendly, or ally.

76 WST ReputationDetails
Source: Fallout 76 Inside the Vault

Bethesda are expected to share their Wastelanders trailer on February 4th.

So until the next update, enjoy the game and keep on gaming!

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