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Pokemon Sword & Shield: New Mythical Pokemon

The new mythical Pokemon will star in an upcoming movie

Ahead of the Pokemon day 2020, which February 27th, the Pokemon Company has announced a new mythical pokemon is coming to Pokemon Sword & Shield.

More details about this new mythical pokemon will be revealed on Pokemon Day, Feb 27th.

This new Pokemon is also expected to star in a new upcoming Pokemon animated movie, Coco.

This announcement was posted in Japanese on their official website and was translated by Pokemon Website Serebii. Along with the reveal that Sword & Shield will be getting a “Special Max Raid Battle” and a new event in Pokemon Go, Serebii had reported.

There is no further details on what to expect from the new mythical pokemon.

Here’s the translation:

“Japan Memorial Day Association Certified/ February 27 is “Pokémon Day” It has been celebrated by everyone overseas #PokemonDay But also in Japan February 27 is a special day when Pokemon Red / Green was released in 1996 On the day, It seems that the latest information of will also be released”

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