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Borderlands 3 February Update

Attention Vault Hunters! Since Valentine’s Day and their ‘Broken Hearts Day Seasonal Event’ is around the corner, Gearbox thought that now would be a nice time to pause, reflect, and express their sincere gratitude to all you players with a little love note.

“Borderlands 3’s launch was a historic high note for both Gearbox and 2K. But that simply wouldn’t have been possible without your support. Your incredible response was overwhelming so from the bottom of our hearts, Thank You. Your enthusiasm validates all the time, energy, and passion we poured into this project and it still fuels us. Because we’re not done yet!

We’ve been hard at work since the release crafting additional content and updating the existing game. It has been a tricky process at times, but we are committed to making Borderlands 3 the best possible Borderlands experience.” -Gearbox

True Takedown Mode

For the Borderlands 3 Hotfixes for the January 30th update, they talked about their plans for ‘True Takedown Mode’ now that the Maliwan Takedown scales to the players party size by default. So now the True Takedown mode will deliver the extreme difficulty they’ve always intended for the Takedown content by tuning the experience for a full party of 4 Vault Hunter.

To access the True Takedown Mode, just simply activate the lever located on the right side of the door leading out of the airlock at the beginning of the map.

Level Cap Increase

For the first level cap increase, they’re currently planning to raise the level from 50 to 53, this will give you 3 additional skill points to add to your skill trees. Which will allow you to enhance your builds or experiment with additional abilities.

Performance & Stability

Gearbox is continuing to work on the game for all platforms. With each of the upcoming patches, players can expect some updates to enhance the experience.

The next round of the UI improvements will come with the second campaign add-on.

Skippable Cutscenes

Coming soon, skippable in-game cutscense!

They’re in the process of testing this new feature and it will be launching with the upcoming February patch.

All cutscense in-game, whether you’ve seen them or not will be skippable during solo play or by the host of the party you’re in during multiplayer.

Guardian Rank Toggling

In a previous road map they’ve shared their intention to let players disable the powerful perks associated with the Guardian Ranks. That’ll change during this month’s patch and will now allow you to individually disable specific perks.

Players will also be able to disable the entire system if you prefer a more “vanilla” leveling experience. In the future they plan to expand the Guardian Rank system to include additional perks. Gearbox is also looking to introduce these new perks in tandem with the second campaign add-on. But, they won’t be tied to that content.

Event Toggling

In the “Bloody Harvest” Seasonal Event, players wanted a way to opt out of an ongoing even.

And since Gearbox has heard the game’s amazing community loud and clear, during the “Broken Hearts Day” Seasonal Event players will now be able to toggle the event’s game-wide effects on or off via main menu

Fight For Your Life Improvements

This is a big part of the co-op experience, and they’ve identified a few ways they would like to improve the system. They are specifically looking at increasing the interaction radius between players, telegraphing revives, to other players more clearly, and allowing more than one player to contribute to a revive.

They expect to have this available in March.

Mayhem 2.0

Mayhem 2.0 is arriving sometime next Month.

They’re still fine-tuning some of the elements and will have a separate update for this in the future. Focusing on how Mayhem 2.0 will impact Borderlands 3’s end game experience.

Echo-Cast Twitch Extension Expansions

Borderlands 3 Echo-Cast Twitch Extension has been a huge hit with the Borderlands community, letting you the viewers directly interact with Borderlands 3 streamers and even collect some of the same loot.

Currently the Echo-Cast extension features rare chest events, Badass viewer events, and Pinata events for Twitch stream mayhem. They also want to add even more event types in the near future. They’re hoping to introduce a Moxxi themed event, in which they first teased about it during 2019 Guardian Con. It’ll let players mix up buff or debuff inducing cocktails for the streamer using Twitch Bits. They are aiming to have that ready for the Eacho-Cast Twitch Extension in March.

Gearbox Approach To Balance Changes

While Gearbox is continuing to develop new content they are always keeping an eye on the balancing to ensure that Borderlands 3 continues to be enjoyed for many years to come, like the previous Borderlands games.

All changes are made to keep the game feeling fresh for all newcomers and veterans alike. Gearbox strives to make your chosen Vault Hunter feel unique, powerful, and impactful across all levels. They want to maintain the thrill of collecting gear for whatever new build you come up with next.

Borderlands 3 at PAX EAST

Don’t forget Vault Hunters, you can tune in to the Gearbox panel at PAX East on February 27th. The live stream will be on which will be starting at 11:30AM PT/ 2:30pm EST/ 7:30Pm GMT.

Viewers can expect a whole bunch of exciting content announcements, including the full reveal of Borderlands 3’s second paid campaign expansion.

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