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Funimation Adds Classic Anime!

Attention anime fans, Funimation has just added some classic anime to their anime list, including Astro Boy.

The following anime have just been added to the roster:

Astro Boy (1963)

Summary: In the year 2000 A.D, Dr. Boynton a grief-stricken scientist when his son, Astror Boynton III has died, Dr. Boynton creates a super-robot in Astor’s image. Which he calls him Astro Boy.

Astro Boy can swim oceans, leap over mountains and even fly into space on his own power.

Astro Boy Background Nozomi
Available in English Dub

Kimba The White Lion (1965)

Summary: Join Kimba along with his friends, Pauly Parrot, Daniel Baboon, and an assortment of other characters. As Kimba follows in his late father’s footsteps on making the jungle a safer and better place for everyone to live in.

Kimba Nozomi Header 1
Available in English Dub

Princess Knight (1967)

Summary: Once upon a time, a princess named Sapphire is born. The little princess was both rambunctious and brave as she is gentle and caring. Thus begins the story of Sapphire, the courageous Princess knight. As she fends off the Duke’s wicked schemes and fights for justice and happiness of her people.

Princess Knight Header Nozomi
Available in English Dub

Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997)

Summary: When Utena was a child she found salvation in the words, “Never lose that strength or nobility, even when you grow up.”

They were the words of a prince who has bestowed upon her both a ring and a promise that it would lead her to him again.

Now that Utena attends the Ohtori Academy, although her strong sense of chivalry soon thrusts her into a series of dangers.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Header Nozomi
Available in English Dub

Adolescence of Utena (1999)

Summary: With a mystical sword, Utena duels her classmates to protect her strange friend, Anthy. Who’s the key to a magical power that everyone wants and could make Utena’s dream, to become a prince, come true. But, their deepwning friendship hides a terrible secret. Utena must face the truth about herself and those she loves and learn what it truly means to be a hero.

Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie Header Nozomi
Available in English Sub & Dub

Martian Successor Nadesico (1996)

Summary: It is late 22nd century and the Jovian lizards are attacking Earth. Nergal Heavy Industries decides to build their own battleship, The Nadesico, to take on the invaders.

The battleship is captained by the ditsy but yet tactically brilliant, Yurika Misumaru, and is crewed by a bunch of misfits. Does the Nadesico stand a chance against the new threat to humanity?

Martian Successor Nadesico Header Nozomi
Available in English Sub & Dub

Martian Successor Nadesico: Prince of Darkness (1998)

Summary: The Jovians and Earthlings have joined forces and Ruri is now captain of Nadesico B. As the popularity of Boson Jumping grows as vast trandportation network has been developed. Dubbed the Hisago Plan, this network of Chulip portals holds the answers to the mysteries behind Bose particles.

If those secrets should fall into the wrong hands it could mean big trouble, and big trouble there is.

Martian Successor Nadesico Header Nozomi Movie
Available in English Sub & Dub

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