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Fallout 76: Inside the Vault News

Bethesda game fans, next week they will be heading to Boston for the Bethesda Game Days, where they’ll be hosting a live Wastelanders panel with the devs and also teaming up with the CHAD: a Fallout 76 Podcast crew for their latest Appalachian Adventure. They will also be kicking it off with a new 2x XP event next week and sharing details on a small upcoming patch for the game.

Bethesda Game Days: In Boston, MA On February 28-29, 2020 at 1:00pm – 9:00pm

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Bethesda has recently announced they’re going back to Boston to host their Bethesda Game Days next week, Feb 28-29.

There is going to be plenty for the Fallout 76 community to dig into on both days, which includes hands-on Wastelanders play time for the attendees and two panels that you can watch live for those that can’t join them in person.

Wastelanders Preview Panel

Members on the Fallout 76 dev team will take the stage at 2pm EST on Friday February 28 to take a closer look at their upcoming Wastelanders update.

Join Jeff Gardliner, Ferret Baudoin, Mark Tucker, and Nate Purkeypile as they share some of the Wastelanders gameplay and their insights into the designs and aesthetics of the new content. Also during this show, they will be planning to walk you through how Appalachia has changes with the arrival of humans, introduce you to some of the characters, show off new weapons and much more.

Also, the devs will be answering some of the game’s community’s questions about the Wastelanders. To submit a question about the Wastelanders go to the thread in the Fallout 76 forums and they will select an amount of them to answer live during the panel.

CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast Live

On, Saturday February 29 at 3:30pm EST, Bethesda will be welcoming the cast for the CHAD: A Fallout 76 Podcast to the stage to bring you their latest Appalachia audio adventure live for the first time ever.

You can get a sneak peak at what is in store during the show with this special trailer the cast has put together, As well as a few words from them about what the show is about.

“what began with a series of journal entries of his adventures in Appalachia has become a popular dark humor serial podcast enjoyed by almost 65,000 people since May 2019.

Created by Kenneth Vigue, this now full cast audio production is a unique hybrid of vintage radio drama and cinematic soundscapes with laugh out loud humor. Quirky, irreverent and highly relate-able. Most of the cast will be performing a brand new Appalachia adventure at the Bethesda Game Days on Saturday February 29 at 3:30pm EST.”

Where you can watch it Live?

For those of you that re looking forward to the Bethesda Game Days but won’t be able to make it to Boston you can watch it live on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and even Facebook Live.

Patch 17.5 Coming Soon

A new patch is coming for Fallout 76, it’s release date is Thursday February 25th. They are still heavily focused on making the Wastelanders the best it can be so the patch is going to be smaller than usual, like their update in mid-January. It’ll contain some behind the scenes prep work for Wastelanders and a few stability and bug fixes.

Once they release Wastelanders they will return to releasing patches regularly that include new content, improvements, and fixes for years to come.

Double XP Event

During the Double EX event, players can head into Appalachia from February 27 to March 2 to level up twice as fast. Whether you’re playing in Adventure mode, Nuclear Winter, and or in a Private World.

The double XP event starts on Thursday February 27 at 12pm ET and it ends on Monday March 2 at 12pm ET.

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