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PUBG, Cross Party Play Capability for Xbox One and PS4

Attention battle royal gamers, last year the game “Player Unknown Battleground” had started allowing players from Xbox One and PS4 to battle against each other.

Well, now the online multiplayer battle royal game is finally introducing the cross party play capability which is giving PS4 and Xbox One players the ability to team up and form a party. But, sadly PC players are not included in this update and still will not be able to party with their console friends and or family.

One of the new features that’s been added to the game is a new friends list tab marked “PUBG” and it displays what console your friends are using. That way players will be able to search other users on different platforms in one place.

The “Cross Party Play” feature’s now live on the PUBG’s public test server. Which’ll allow all players on Xbox One and PS4 who own the game to test the upcoming features and help out the developer find bugs and issues before the feature is released to the main game.

PlayStation 4 players can find it in the “Purchased” section of their library. Meanwhile, Xbox One players can download it from the game store or in their “My Game and Apps” menu.

Addition to the Cross Play Party feature, PUBG has released a Team Deathmatch on the Public Test Server as well for those that want to play 8v8 matches on seven different battlegrounds.

Players are getting some gameplay improvements, including changes on how grenades and molotov cocktails work.

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