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Reigns: Game of Thrones is Coming to Game Pass for PC

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Xbox Game Pass Twitter accounts have been teasing that the month of February will be a big month for new games to the service. Recently they’ve announced some major games will be coming throughout this month and their new additions to game pass starting today are; Reigns: Game of Thrones for the PC Game Pass and then for the Xbox Game Pass is Ninja Gaiden II.

Reigns: Game of Thrones is a card and board game where players navigate deadly task of ruling Westeros by swiping through scenarios. The scenarios in-game go beyond the books and the show, because the players will be experiencing melisandre’s visions of which could be: you the player switching between Cersei, Sansa, Jon Snow, and Daenerys. Aside from the politics and plotting you will also be hearing the pleas of your citizens and playing mini-games for example jousting and Tavern brawls, and your only goal is to not get killed.

Sadly this game does not come with any achievements.

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