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Ghibli Museum Closes February 25 to March 17

The Studio Ghibli Museum had announced that on Saturday they will be closed from Feb 25th to March 17th because of concerns over the COVID-19 coronavirus disease.

The museum has noted that to metropolis of Tokyo issued a policy statement about postponing or canceling events until mid-March, while these next three weeks are a critical period for containing the outbreak. The museum has made the decision after consulting with its home city of Mitaka.

The Studio Ghibli Museum has already been offering refunds for tickets dated between Jan 22 to Feb 29. And now as if Saturday the museum will be offering refunds for March tickets too.

Square Enix not going to PAX East

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Due to the COVID-19 Coronavirus issue, Square Enix won’t be attending the PAX East. They are scaling down their planned activities onsite and offsite including Canceling Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIV fan gatherings as well as the developer signing sessions and photo opportnites.

They’re replacing “The Artwork of Final Fantasy XIV: A Look Behind the Screen” panel session onsite with a live English/Japanese stream on Twitch. They are also planning on replacing an onsite Final Fantasy XI presentation with a different way to send the same information.

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