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A New Pokemon Movie, Pokemon Coco

As a Pokemon fan, I’ve watched every Pokemon movie that has ever been released in English, so once I saw there was a new Pokemon movie coming out I just had to watch the trailer for the movie, Pokemon Coco.

I personally think it looks like it’s going to be an awesome and very epic movie. I’ve excited to see how it turns out to be and I can’t wait to see the new Mythical Pokemon in action. I’m just excited in general they’er bringing a new movie out for all of us Pokemon fans!

I hope it’s just as good as, Pokemon MewTwo Strikes Back Evolution.


Coco, a young boy raised by a Pokémon which begins an all new bond between a Pokémon and a human. In the depths of a jungle in the middle of nowhere.We find Okoya Forest, a Pokémon paradise operating with strict laws, where outsiders are not allowed to set foot. In this forest, young Coco is raised as a Pokémon by the mythical Pokémon, Zarude. Coco is fully convinced that he is a Pokémon. But, when he one day meets Satoshi and Pikachu, he is able to make his first ever “human friend”. When danger approaches Okoya Forest, the love between a Pokémon and a human, a father and a son, is put to the test.

Also in this brand new Pokemon Movie, they debuted the new Mythical Pokemon, Zarude. The new Mythical Pokemon from Gen VIII.

Release Date:

As of right now the only release date is 7/10/2020 for Japan. The English/American release date has still yet to be announced. But enjoy the trailer!



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