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Netflix but for Pokemon

For all you Pokemon fans out there, there’s a website that has all of the seasons of Pokemon on it along with the movies.

Pokeflix is like Netflix but it’s strictly all Pokemon!

Now I have been using it this site for like a year now and I love it, the only downfall is the ads but if you go on the site on a laptop with ad blockers then you won’t have a problem with the ads.

Pokeflix is a free website with no subscriptions, you can make an account with them but I personally don’t see the point in that. The site works on mobile, pc, Xbox and anything that is connected to some type of internet.

Here’s the link if any Pokemon fans want to binge watch any Pokemon seasons or movies! and yes if anyone is wondering if it’s a safe and legal site, it is 100% safe and legal. They even have their own Twitter page.

Rate: 10/10

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