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Neverwinter Event: April Fowls Day “A Crow For Help”

Adventurers, Something fowl is happening!

Something fowl is taking over Neverwinter and it’s all centered around a poor civilian by the name of Earl.

Earl is a Chickenmancer and is cursed with a “Touch of the Chicken”. His ability to turn things into chickens has become hazardous to Neverwinter!

So, head to Protector’s Enclave and talk to Earl so you can help him fix the overflock of chickens, by helping Earl clean up this fowl mess you’ll be able to claim the biggest bird he’s created as a mount.

This event starts Wed April 1st at 10am PT (1pm EST) and ends Thur April 9th at 10am PT (1pm EST).


Fight of the Fowls

Helping Earl isn’t the only thing you can do during this event, you can also test your skills as a chicken and find out who is the fowlest of them all.

This PvP is a fast paced 5v5 fight where your chicken class can be changed through the entire fight.

This activity starts Wednesday, April 1 at 10am PT (1pm EST) and ends Thursday, April 16 at 10am PT (1pm EST).

Zen Market Limited Time Items

During this time, there’ll be several items available in the Zen Market.

Earl the Chickenmancer (Companion)

Stick Chicken (Mount)

Nest Egg Cache: Includes 5 Bird Feathers and 35 Bird Feed that can be exchanged for prizes from the Chicken Vendor

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