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Apex Legends: Bloodhound Town Takeover, Permanent Duos & Kings Canyon

Respawn Entertainment has recently announced the next in game event for pex Legends Season 4, a new Town Takeover called “Bloodhound’s Trail in the Old Ways Lore” event.

After weeks on speculations and leaks, Respawn has announced Bloodhond’s Town Takeover, the first of 2020 after Wraith Octane and Mirage got theirs last year.

This event will add new content in the game, both permanent and limited time. As well as the set of exclusive cosmetic items.

When does this event start, you ask. The Bloodhound Town Takeover will be starting on April 7 and will last for two weeks. So it’llbe wrapping up on April 21st.

The limited time features three main components: The Town Takeover, A prize Track, and Direct Purchase Shop. Players will be able to buy themed cosmetics directly from the in game store.

Duos and Kings Canyon

For this event, Respawn is adding both Duos & Kings Canyon as a permanent options. Both of which has been highly requested by the players.

So now players will be able to not only queue into matches with one other person, but they will have the choice of either playing on World’s Edge or the old map. Although the devs have no specify whether it will be the season 1 or 2 version.

Bloodhound’s Trials & Prowlers

From the recent in-game teasers, the Northwest corner of World’s Edge will be transformed from Town Takeover, players will be able to complete the Bloodhound’s Trials.

Players will come up against an alien species called, “Prowlers”, which are new to the game. But, the Prowlers originated from the Titanfall series. The Prowlers carry high-tier loot they drop when they are defeated.

There’ll also be challenges that players can compete in, each is worth 1,000 points and will refresh daily.

When players earn points they’ll unlock various rewards offered in the Prize Track, headlined by themed weapon charm, Gibraltar outfit skin, and weapon camo.

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