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Modern Warfare Season three fixes

The Co-Design Director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, Joe Cecot, reveled a number of fixes that players can expect to see in Modern Warfare season 3 when it drops April 8th.

Since Warzone is currently dominating, some fans feel that regular multiplayer has been pushed to the side. But, the recent announcement of Season 3 has gotten fans of the most recent Call of Duty installment relishing what is to come.

Source: Activision

While there is no confirmed details of the content that’ll drop on April 8, any big update will bring many bug fixes.

Season 3 Fixes

Cecot has confirmed that a fix will be on its way for a bizarre tactical grenade glitch, it fails to give players a hit marker even when they’ve hit an enemy.

The next confirmed fix will feature tuning for Shotgun slugs. Slugs are an attachment to a host of Modern Warfare’s Shotguns. They drastically increase a weapon’s range. But, rely on improved accuracy on the behalf of the player.

Cecot, has finally confirmed fixes are coming to the purchasing of bundles. Players that have recently experienced difficulties purchasing bundles, particularly the Ghost bundle on the Xbox One is being worked on.

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