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Destiny 2: The Guardian Games

Starting next week on the 21st at 10am PDT (1pm EST) the Guardian Games will begin.

The Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters will compete to prove which class is the most dedicated in Destiny 2.

To enter into the competition visit Eva Levante. Each of the Guardians will get a class item to adorn while taking part in competitions.

Bronze, Silver,and Gold medals will also be available to earn daily. Each of the medals will focus on specific game modes. Earn medals, equip your new class item, defeat enemies, pick up laurels on the battlefield, and advance your quest for the medals you desire.

Bungie fully acknowledge that class populations are a little lopsided, Hunter’s with their capes that there are more of them than Warlocks or Titans. So, to help offset this, the medals will be weighted slightly per class to maintain an even playing field. Bungie isn’t fiddling with the numbers to force wins on alternated classes.

Class Items

At daily reset, your cloak, mark, or bond will update what placement your team has taken. For example, if the Titans take the “W” for one day their mark will update to a gold sigil. If Warlocks come in second and the Hunters in third, their class items would update to change to Silver and Bronze.

What’s the ultimate prize yo may ask? Well at the end of the event, your daily placements will be combined for your final score. So, depending on your team’s standing, your class items will be locked to their respective placements for the remainder of the year.

Also, Guardians if you’re looking for more ways to represent your class, Eva has you covered. Each week you will be offered a free quest to earn an Exotic Ghost Shell, one themed for each class. If you complete the quest every week you’ll collect all three.

during this event, players will be able to get a new Exotic Machine Gun.

Bungie is looking forward to seeing the mayhem this weapon of destruction will inspire when us Guardians get our hands on it.

Eververse is also going to have some items in the store for the event. A single Finisher will be available for Silver only, while other items may be bought with Bright Dust as the’ll appear on the storefront.

Note: All Guardian Games weekly and repeatable bounties will grant Bright Dust to match previous Seasonal Events.

The Guardian Games will start on the Weekly reset, Tuesday April 21st at 10am PDT (1pm EST). So make sure to launch your game a little early to get the required update 2.8.1.

To learn more about additional facts for the Guardian Game please visit

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