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Bandai Namco Cancels Support for Physical Tournament Events on 2020 World Tours

Bandai Namco recently provided us gamers with an update on their 2020 major tournaments they’ve officially announced that support for all physical tournament events for the World Tours of Tekken 7, Soul Calibur 6, and Dragon Ball FighterZ are canceled. The decision has been made due to the Coronavirus’s Global pandemic as safety measures for all participants along with the

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Pokemon Masters More Content

More content is coming to Pokemon Masters from the end of May to early June! Overview Story Event “The Star of the Contest” (Available until June 10th): This features Dawn, the Sinnoh region trainer, along with her Pokemon Turtwig. As they interact with other sync pairs on the Island of Pasio, Players that have completed chapter one of the main

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Xbox One Update: May 2020

The team behind the Xbox believes gaming is for everyone, so to serve both the new gamers and long term xbox one fans they’ve been working hard on “Streamining” and “Refining” the Xbox One experience. Driven by the worldwide Xbox One community’s feedback they’re sharing some of the new updates and improvements that have been released on all Xbox One

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Pokemon Go Fest 2020

Attention trainers, last year’s Pokemon Go Fest lineup was bigger and better than before, during last year’s summer the Pokemon Go company had held more than one Pokemon Go Fest for the first time. Chicago, Dortmund, and Yokohama had hosted their individual events that had a total of over 600,000 trainers total for the special summer live events. But, this

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Warface: Breakout Available on PS4

The team at My.Games are excited to announce their next game, Warface: Breakout. Warface: Breakout is a tactical online First Person Shooter and the competitive shooter experience is returning to its roots. The new standalone title in the Warface franchise is filled with fresh but yet familiar FPS action. The inspiration for the game is Counter-Strike, and their goal for

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