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Mortal Kombat 11: Aftermath

Warning: this article may contain a spoiler for the ending of MK11 campaign! Read at your own risk!

Coming May 26th, the epic story of Mortal Kombat 11 continues with the new DLC expansion, Aftermath!

Mortal Kombat: Aftermath features a brand new cinematic story that is centered around trust and deceit.

The expansion includes the following:

  • All new cinematic story
  • 3 new playable fighters
    • Sheeva
    • Fujin
    • RoboCop
  • 3 new skin packs

In order to be able to play this new expansion, players must own the base game Mortal Kombat 11.

What is Aftermath about?

The expansion, Aftermath pick up right after the end of MK11, so if you haven’t beaten the main game yet well, consider this a spoiler warning!

From what we can tell from the trailer, it seems to be following the DLC characters, Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Fujin, Sheeva, and Sindel. Which is a good thing because of the fact there are parts in the main story that were practically non-existent aside from a few short scenes with Sheeva.

After you beat Kronika, Raiden and a god-like Liu Kang are about to create a brand new timeline of their own, only to be interrupted by Shang Tsung, whom has been captured by Kronika along with Fujin and Nightwolf, and was freed upon Kronika’s defeat.

Shang Tsung warns Liu Kang that if he creates a new timeline he will destroy all the realms because in the process of defeating Kronika he has destroyed her crown. The crown has essentially acted as the key to make her hourglass work. Thus, trying to use the hourglass without it would only invite a disaster. So, their inly option is to send Shang Tsung, Fujin, and Nightwolf back in time in order to retrieve Kronika’s crown before she is able to obtain it.

New Stages and New Stage Fatalities:

In the new DLC expansion there are two new confirmed stages, The Dead Pool and the Soul Chamber. Which both are classic Mortal Kombat stages.

  • The Dead Pool: originated in MK2 in 1992
  • The Soul Chamber: debuted in MK3 in 1995

As for the stage Fatalities, they are making a comeback. In the reveal trailer they showed a taste of the Dead Pool stage fatality, where Sub-Zero uppercuts Scorpion onto a hook and is then lowered into a pool of acid.

Kombat Pack 2:

Instead of releasing characters one by one, players will be getting 3 DLC characters up front as part of Kombat Pack 2:

  • The Shokan queen, Sheeva
    • Sheeva’s last playable appearance was in MK9 in 2011, although she did have a brief part to play in the MK11 story. Sheeva’s gameplay style is described as a grappler with throws to cover every situation. Low grapple, overhead grapple, anti-air grapple, and then there’s her unblockable teleport slam.
  • Raiden’s brother and the Wind God, Fujin
    • Fujin hasn’t been a playable character in MK since MK Armageddon in 2006. But, he’s been present in the MK lore since then. Although in 2015’s MKX he is notable fighting alongside his brother. Fujin’s fighting syle revolves around a sword, crossbow, and his wind powers. Later in which he uses to manipulate both his weapons and his enemies.
  • guest character, RoboCop
    • The guest DLC character, RoboCop, which will feature both the iconic voice and the likeness of Peter Weller. Whom has played Alex Murphy is the original RoboCop 1 & 2. RoboCop’s described as a character that excels at keeping his opponents at bay with his Auto-9 pistol, flamethrower, riot shield, and shoulder cannon that can be loaded with different types of ammo.

Along with the new character, there will be three new character skins that’ll be released over time.

The Price:

There’s three options when it comes to pre-ordering or buying MK 11: Aftermath when it releases on May 26, 2020.

  1. For those of you who own MK11 and Kombat Pack one, there’s a $39.99 upgrade pass that gets you all of the new Aftermath content both the story DLC and the Kombat Pack 2 characters
  2. If you own MK11 but not the Kombat Pack 1, there is a bundle containing Aftermath and Kombat Pack 1 that costs $49.99
  3. Finally, if you’re a completely new player to MK11 and want everything, there is the Aftermath Kollection. Which contains MK11, Kombat pack 1 and the Aftermath expansion; all for the price of $59.99. The physical version will be available for the US in June

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