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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Final Major Update

The Skywalker saga films along with Star Wars Battlefront 2 has come to a close. The latest update which is the final major piece of the post launch content and has added loads of cosmetic options, game mode changes, and balance changes.

The name of the final update is called “The Battle on Scarif” and it was released just in time for Sat Wars Day. While the new update is named after the planet in the movie “Rogue One”, the battle on Scarif update brings supremacy and instant action to the new locations; Hoth, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Death Star II, and Scarif.

Supremacy is to be fought exclusively on the ground phase of Scarif and the Death Star II. Meanwhile, other locations allows you to pilot starfighters.

This update has also added new cosmetic appearances for some of your favorite heroes, which includes ones inspired by the movie “Rise of Skywalker”, like Kylo Ren with his reforged mask. Palpatine in his red robes, and Rey wielding her own personal lightsaber. Also, Darth Maul has a new look as well which is inspired by the Star Wars Rebels TV series, with his mechanical legs and also, Rey has received a hooded appearance too.

After this update, DICE is transitioning away from the content updates. But, the game itself will still be supported with server maintence, 2x XP events, and in-game challenges.

“Developing characters, worlds, and experiences set in this amazing galaxy that is Star Wars is an honor and it has continued to be a remarkable, challenging, and rewarding journey for the entire team. Knowing that we have a passionate community of millions of players and Star Wars fans, (just like ourselves) along on the ride is the greatest inspiration we could ever have.”

– Dennis Brannvall, the Creative Director

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