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Two Ex Respawn Devs Create a New Studio: Gravity Well

Drew McCoy along with Jon Shiring join forces for a LA based studio.

Last February, Jon and Drew, two long time developers for Respawn have left separately to pursue unknown projects. On this past monday, the duo had announced the making of a new AAA studio, Gravity Well.

Gravity Well Studio

The new studio’s website describes the studio as an AAA, but is focused on maintaining a small team beteen 80 to 85 workers to keep the creative juices flowing. According to Jon, their goal is to explore bold new ideas exclusively for the next-gen hardware and PCs.

The studio will offer remote development work from the beginning, while the remote nature of the new studio, Gravity Well is partially in response to the Coronavirus, Drew and Jon are adamant about maintaining remote culture. The two of them plan to hire a diverse staff with remote development removing barriers like work visas and relocation costs.

the studio is currently hiring 11 different roles, including an office manger for when LA leaves the Covid-19 lock down. In addition to the traditional development roles in audio, engineering, QA, and writing, Drew and Jon have a special application section for “Not Listed”, askiing potential employees to pitch themsleves if their skills do not fit an already featured roll.

Well according to the guys, they’ve designed Gravity Well to put the devs first, meaning no crunch and more creative freedom.

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