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Neverwinter: Episode Rage of Bel

Hello fellow Adventurers and the might defenders of Vallenha.

I want to take this moment to tell all you Neverwinter PC players about the new upcoming episodic content called, Rage of Bel. This content occurs after the end of the Infernal Descent story arc and it is leading up to the beginning of the story for the upcoming module. Rage of Bel is coming to PC on May 14 and for Xbox One and PS4 it’ll be coming at a later date.

The breaking of the Citadel’s chains have caused the archdevil Zariel to notice. So she sends her second in command and most conniving lieutenant, Bel, to destroy Vallenhas and anyone who stands in her way.

What she does not know is that Bel has other plans. Should he find adventurers tough enough to best him and his legion in combat. He may be able to give them the secret to defeating her.

Join the fight for Vallenhas’ freedom once more by becoming one of Alric’s Riftwardens. Speak with Alric to cement your place in the annals of this fight between the forces of good and evil.

You can see that your actions have caused a ripple effect through this layer of the Nine Hells and the citizenry Vallenhas need your help again. The adventurers who’ve restored the Broken Wood glyphworks will be familiar enough to take on Alric’s challenge and join the ranks of Order of the Riftwardens. Now what’s the challenge you ask, well it is to enter the dark glyphworks and take on the new threat.

The Dark Glyphworks Portal

Beyond this portal lies the dangers of evil insurgencies, stopping an insurgencies is simple just defeat an devil you see until a rift appears. Once that’s done, seal the rift. There’s a chance you may have to fight one of Bel’s warlords, in which you best be ready for a rough fight. Completing an insurgency will cause a new one to appear, it’ll increase the Bel Rage meter.

Once the meter is full players can challenge Bel.

Players can find the entrance to Bel’s fight in the besieged village area, where you’ll find his emissary and the portal.

Other details

  • Bar progress is shared server wide. This means that the success of each instance contributes to the same meter
  • Fighting Bel can be done with any size group. More party members means more rewards and a higher challenge


  • Slaghound Mount
  • Hound of the Forge Mount
  • Vallenhas Elite Soldier Companion
  • A plethora of vanity pets

A new restorable device, the Awakened Forger’s Box

That’ll for now fellow adventurers!

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