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Pokemon Go Community Day: May 2020

Attention Pokemon Go players, this month’s Community Day event will be on May 24 and will feature the Grass type Pokemon, Seedot.

this month’s event will run for 6 hours instead of the three hours, so from 11am to 5pm local time. During that time Seedot will be appearing in the wild more often than he normally does. Players, you’ll have your first chance at encountering a Shiny Seedot in the game.

Also for this event, Niantic will have exclusive special research story quests for May’s Community Day. This questline is called “Seeing Double” and it’ll offer rewards like incenses, Golden Razz Berries, and other items. However, you will need to buy a virtual ticket for $1 USD in order to gain access to the story quest.

During this month’s Community Day there are a few other in-game bonuses. First off, players will earn triple XP for catching Pokemon during this event. Secondly, any incenses you use will last for three hours rather than 30 minutes.

For this events, Niantic will be hosting their first ever 24 hour livestream on the Pokemon Go YouTube Channel, the stream will kick off at 6pm PT on May 23 and it’ll give you a chance to “watch Seedot and other Pokemon play in the wild”.

You can read and learn more on the official Pokemon Go Website.

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