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State of Play: Ghost of Tsushima

For this year’s State of Play, they only showed gameplay and released some details about Ghost of Tsushima.

For the first half of the video Jason Connell from Sucker Punch showed us some gameplay as Jin the Samurai. Then during the second and final half of the livestream Nate Fox talked about different combat skills between Jin the Samurai and the Ghost, along with different ways to customize and other new features.

Part One


In the beginning Connell had explained that exploration has been at the heart of their open world design since the very beginning. So that right there tells you this game is very open world and players can explore anywhere on the map. They even can call in a helping hand to guide them to the place they set as a waypoint. This helping hand is called, Guiding Wind.

The Guiding Wind can navigate players throughout the island. You can also call a gust of wind at anytime to point you in the right direction, just in case a player gets lost or confused. The guiding wind can take you to all kinds of different locations, including; you next story moment or to a location where there are rare collectibles. Another cool feature is some birds can lead you to points of interest like hidden locations. Also in the video it showed you can explore abandoned buildings to collect rare treasures. While playing the game, foxes can come out of hiding to help guide you to hidden shrines so you can pay you respect to them.

Also, just like in most other open world games if you visit a location you’ve never been to before you can also return to that place with fast travel.

So far in the first part of the video reveal I have seen beautiful scenery, badass sword skills, and that the game is rich with exploration and has tons of places and items to discover. So let the wind guide you!

Part Two

Now for the second half of the video with Nate Fox from Sucker Punch.

In the beginning of the second half he has showed us the combat styles between using Jin the Samurai and the Ghost. Each of the two characters have two very different fighting styles and armor styles.


As the Samurai you can challenge enemies to lethal standoffs, showing off Jin’s quick, deadly and very skillful sword attacks. When changing Jin’s combat stance it inflicts more damage against specific enemies.

When playing and Jin the Ghost he uses dirty tricks, like fear and when he uses distractions it lures your enemy to their deaths. Once the enemy is walking towards the distraction you sneak up behind them and kill them swiftly and quietly.

Another item players can use are smoke bombs, which are useful for evasions or an unseen attack on the enemy. But if you are ever spotted attacking use the Kunai for a quick kill. The enemies that fear the Ghost, you can take advantage of. When you’re doing a sneak mission and have to kill an enemy from a distance you can use your bow for that and the aim on the bow is very good and accurate, great with headshots. Another thing Nate explained and showed is that you can sneak up behind an enemy take their weapon and use it against them.


While playing as either the Samurai or the ghost you’ll have two different armor sets, each with their own mechanical advantages to help with your chosen playing style.

While customizing your armor, you can use a charm called the Ohm Amore charm. These charms give you an edge when in battle and they also have a new technique that transforms you from Samurai to the ghost. You, the player gets to decide on how the techniques evolve and grow throughout the game.

Saved the best for last, for those players who have a habit of always changing the color of your armor this part is for you. By collecting Dive Flowers, you can change your armor color with whatever color you find.

Photo Mode

Players, if you want to take an epic photo with a beautiful scenery in the background well with the photo mode you can do just that and more. Once you’ve taken a photo you can edit it. This photo mode features: color grading, and depth to the field so you can focus on objects. there’s also some new features they added, underling the motion & movement, can control the direction the wind is blowing along with the speed, change the particles to different types of leaves or fireflies, and players can pick a track from their original score.


During each cinematic cut scene they made it feel like you’re watching an old samurai movie. They have created a windy black and white film mode that players can turn on from the start.

Well that’s all that was explained and shown during the State of Play: Ghost of Tsushima. If you have missed the livestream you can watch it below.

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