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Elder Scrolls Online: Update 26

Sink you fangs into this new update!

In this newest update, Bethesda revamps the vampire skill line.

Players can hunt down your prey from the shadows and become an unstoppable blood scion with this free update for both the Vampire skill line and justice system.

Become an Apex Predator

Releasing free as part of the base game patch, vampires have now undergone a major re-vamp, with drastic changing on how those whom are infected with the vampire curse play.This’ll begin with an overhaul of monstrous skill line.

“The vampire skill line has not seen significant changes since its inception, beyond some minor combat balancing tweaks. Given the timing of this chapter and the feedback we’ve seen from players over the years, it felt like the right moment.” – Kyle Nowak, combat designer behind this update.

As a result the team behind this game have made dramtic changes and additions to the skill line, including the making of brand new abilities and either replacing or updating existing ones. Their goal for the redesign was to make vampires more active and engaging when in battle.

“For the combat we used a set of clearly defined gameplay concepts to help describe the experience and the ability synergies we wanted to create. With the main theme being Blood Magic, Hit & Run aggressiveness, and stealth and elusiveness. As an example, one of the new synergies that reflects the Blood Magic theme is the first two abilities; Eviscerate and Blood Frenzy. Eviscerate is a straightforward spammable that deals more damage on the players missing health. Blood Frenzy is a toggle ability that drains the players health in exchange for increased weapon and spell damage. Both of the abilities synergize perfectly with each other and using both in tandem is a key part of the Vampire’s offensive output.”

Vampires also have a brand new ultimate ability called; Blood Scion. Which can transform the player into monstrous beast, while in this form players can enjoy boosts to the health, stamina, and magicka pools, the ability to heal yourself when dealing damage, and see enemies through walls. No one will escape your wrath now!

A Curse and Blessing

With this update the Bethesda team has also changed the way you manage the 4 stages of the blood curse. Players can increase their stage by feeding off NPCs. But, they slowly decrease over time forcing the player to embrace your dark side if you wish to retain the deadly powers. Each of the stages players reach decreases the cost of the vampire active abilities and activates certain passive abilities, making the player more effective on the battlefield.

However, there’s a cost to the new power and increasing the stages of vampirism can have the following penalties:

  • Reduction in health recovery
  • Increase in damage from flame attacks
  • increase cost for non vampire abilities

“We want the choice to play as a vampire to be deliberate and meaningful, where the impact is felt both in and out of combat. As we previous Elder Scrolls games, those afflicted with vampirism are bestowed fantastic powers, but they are also cursed with specific weaknesses, an endless need to feed off the living, and a world that often fears and hates them.” -Rob Garrett, ESO’s Gameplay Lead

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