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Fallout 76: 2020 Roadmap and Season Pass

This week in Fallout 76, Bethesda is sharing their 2020 Roadmap to offer players an early look at what is to come to the game for the rest of the year. they’ve also released details on the seasons, which will arrive this summer starting with season one and it’ll revamp the current in-game challenge system.

Road-map 2020

F76 2020 Roadmap in-body

Bethesda has released the Wastelanders update a few weeks ago and it has permanently changed the face of Appalachia. With the major set of improvements for the game behind them, they are working full stream ahead on the future content that they plan to add to the game throughout the rest of 2020.

Throughout the coming months they have tons off big improvements in store that they can’t wait to share, including: major re-balancing of combat and rewards across Appalachia for Dwellers of all levels. They’ll complete an overhaul for the current challenges and reward system in the form of seasons. They will also put in new features, like “Ally Dress up, CAMP Shelters, and Legendary perks.

Players can kick off new events like the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter and A Colossal Problem. Players will also be able to revisit community favorites, like Fasnacht Parade and Meat Week. They’ll be plenty of new content to take on with repeatable daily Ops, expeditions, and as well as a year long story arc as the Brotherhood of Steel turns their attention back to Appalachia towards the end of this year.

Fallout 76 Seasons

the Fallout 76 seasons will bring a new account wide progression system that’ll overhaul current challenges and help players rake in a lot of new rewards along the way. This is Bethesda’s take on a “season pass” style system designed just for Fallout 76. And players will be able to join in on the fun as soon as the first season arrives which is in Update 20.

So, here’s a look at everything this season will bring to the game so players are fully prepared to dive into the first season.

76 Season1 Board

All players will have full access to the progression path, which means everyone will be working towards the same rewards for the entire season.

In update 20, players will find new options on the main menu that’ll take you to the Fallout themed seasonal progression screen. During Season one, the season pass progression page will be themed as a boardgame and you’ll be placed at the first space on the board at rank one with a total of 100 ranks. To gain points to rank up players can complete in-game activities. Every time a player reaches a new rank, they’ll unlock and earn new rewards, like unique outfits, an items for your CAMP, weapon skin, power armor paint, and many more.

Ways to Earn Points

  • Complete daily or weekly challenges
  • Complete Public events
  • Kill Legendary creatures

Players that join a season late, have the option to spend 150 Atoms to unlock the next rank right away and claim the reward. If a player wants to unlock every rank in the season using Atoms, they can but they can only be purchased individually and in order. But, during the first two weeks of the season players can not unlock ranks by purchasing them with the Atoms, so players can start with an even footing.

The season system was designed so all players can have immediate access to it and progress and claim rewards based on how much score they earn while playing the game.

To lean more about the Season Pass click here!

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