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Doom Eternal: Update One Patch Notes

Doom Eternal had its first update today and it features empowered demons, single player and battle mode improvement, Battle mode balance changes and much more.

New Features (all Platforms)

Empowered Demon

When players are killed in the single player campaign, the demon that had killed the player is all beefed up and transported to another player’s game to fight again. So, players take out a empowered demon and you will not only be rewarded but will get bonus XP for the in-game events. Players can Toggle the Empowered Demons on or off in the options menu.

DE Empowered Hell Knight HERO 1920x870

Note: It’ll take 24 hours after the release of the update for Empowered Demons to appear in the players campaign.

Echelon Leveling

Once a player completes Doom level 250, they’ll receive their first Echelon, unlocking a special insignia denting your rank to other players. Each of the Echelon a player earns resets your Doom level to one and gives the player another rank insignia. Players will keep all your gear as you progress through new Echelons.


Precious Metals Event

Players can earn a new set of blinged out cosmetics just by earning XP. During this event, players are able to unlock new weapons skins, player icons, nameplates, and player skins. In fact, from this event on, the game’s events will feature and additional deluxe skin to unlock. Players can shine bright with the Gold Marauder skin and the Luxury Super Shotgun skin, and or they can make a grand entrance with the MC Pain Elemental Master Collection.

DE Event Three in-body EN

Favorite Code

Now players can add friends to their favorites using a “Favorite Code” in the social menu.

To learn more about this new update and all the features it comes with click here

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