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This Week on Xbox (May 19-22)

This week on Xbox, is where they cover all of the new games coming soon to Xbox One and Windows 10 PC, every week the Xbox team aims to release quality gaming content for gamers to enjoy on their favorite console.

Games Coming next week to Xbox

Bullet Beat (May 19)

Bullet Beat – May 19

Summary: this is a shoot’em up game, where everything at the levels are in tune with the music even the shooting. Players can upload their own track and enjoy the experimental generated levels. This game also features 8 different levels across various game modes and unique dubstep tracks.

A Fold Apart (May 19)

A Fold Apart – May 19

Summary: in the world of folding paper, there are two sides to the story. “A Fold Apart” is an award winning puzzle game where players will explore an emotional rollercoaster of a long distance relationship. This game includes over 50 handcrafted paper folding puzzles with a beautiful 3D graphics.

Golf with You Friends (May 19)

Golf with Your Friends – May 19

Summary: Turn that fairway into a runway and customize your balls! Players can pre-order now to put your own stylish spin on the game while you tee off with one of the three new hats or floaties. Nothing’s out of bounds as the players takes on all 9 courses that are filled with fast paced, exciting, and simultaneous mini golf. Players can also play with up to 12 players.

Concept Destruction (May 20)

Concept Destruction – May 20

Summary: Players can drive miniature cars which are made of cardboard and crash them into one another to earn points just by destroying them. You can pick from many different modes that suits your play style. If you want to fight your way through a mass production then pick championship mode. Or if you want to see how long you survive a wave of deadly cardboard cars then pick Survival mode.

Maneater (May22)

Maneater – May 22

Summary: This game is single player open world action RPG where you ply as the shark. You start out as a small shark pup where you are tasked with surviving the harsh world while eating your way up the ecosystem. Playing as the shark you can explore the large and varied open world ocean while encountering diverse enemies, both human and wildlife. Find the right resources and you can grow/evolve far beyond what nature has intended.

The Persistence (May 21)

The Persistence Arrives On PC VR Headsets Next Month

Summary: While being stranded, malfunctioning, as well as being caught in an inexorable pull of a Black Hole; The Persistence starship is being overrun with a mutated crew with horrific and murderous intentions. So, you must make your way into the depths of the ship to repair the systems and prevent the ship from being torn apart. You must gather resources, upgrade abilities, and fabricate an arsenal of weapons in this brtal sci-fi horror game.

Monstrum (May 22)

Monstrum on Steam

Summary: This game is set on a cargo ship where you the player must outsmart one of the game’s terrifying predators while trying to escape. With a procedurally generated environment and permadeath, it is up to you and your wits to stay alive and or start over against another monster as each of them have their own strategy, abilities and weaknesses. So players, good luck and start running!

Saints Row: The Third Remastered (May 22) Xbox One X Enhanced

Saint's Row The Third Remastered - Saints Row®: The Third™ Remastered

Summary: In this remastered version of the game, it gives players the control of the Saints at the height of their power and players live the life to show for it. It’s your city! This game is remastered with enhanced graphics, Steelport the city of sin hasn’t looked so good as it’s drown in sex, drugs, and gun. Players can take a tank skydiving, call in a satellite targeted airstrike on a wrestling gang, and or fight against the highly trained military force by yourself.

SokoBunny (May 22)

SokoBunny on Steam

Summary: This is a new and fully 3D experience with the classic sokoban, now with BUNNIES! Players can play alone or with friends online, and kick the cargo through the warehouse maze to the storage location.

The Taller I Grow (May 22) Xbox One X Enhanced

The Taller I Grow achievement list revealed

Summary: This puzzle platformer game you must connect objects in your environment to become taller and solve puzzles. In this game, you play as Bip, a small square that goes on a journey of growth. This game features 30 levels to complete, test your patience, reflexes, and puzzle solving skills.

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