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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Latest Patch, Major Controller Aim Issues!

Recently, the game has rolled out one of its latest patches. But, to the companies dismay, it had revealed one of the biggest problems in the game.

The controller’s aim is in shambles and the game’s fans aren’t happy about it. But most of the Call of Duty faction might be using a keyboard, the controller community isn’t at all negligible.

This problem is mainly around the difference between vertical and horizontal aim assist issue, as pointed out by chris (Parasite) Duarte, the controller’s aim assist feature seems broken. This issue has the community outraged quite a bit. But, Infinity Ward has yet to issue an official information about this in-game problem.

The other issue the game is faced with is input delay, it has also popped up with the latest patch. But, no one really seems to be entirely sure of the fact whether Infinity Ward has realized this problem would surface. This information has first appeared on Reddit and has gone viral on social media.

Patches Revealing Flaws

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare seems to be having problems ever since season one has ended and all of the patches that have been released afterwards had one issue or another. There isn’t any official announcements, but data miners have been suggesting that changes have been put in since the patches. The information about the in-game issues have come out on May 16, where both the aim assist and input delay were discussed.

The Reddit discussion has taken a nasty turn when half of the community had started talking about the same issues. And now when almost everyone complains it has become essential responsibility for the devs to fix said issues.

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