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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone Patch Notes

On May 18, 2020 call of Duty Modern warfare along with Warzone had an update and here are the patch notes for that update.

What’s New

  • Call of Duty Endowment Fearless Pack is available
  • New Gunfight map: Aisle 9
  • New multiplayer map, Hardhat
  • Modified Special Ops
    • Replay existing Operations with a twist
      • Some enemies may charge more often or maybe they can only be taken down with headshots

Playlist Update

Modern Warfare

  • Realism Moshpit with NVG
  • Reinfested Ground war
  • Core ground war
  • Blueprint Gunfight
  • Aisle 9 face off moshpit
  • Hardhat 24/7


  • BR solos
  • BR trios
  • BR quads
  • Blood Money quads
  • Armor Box (available via loot on the ground & purchasable at the Buy Station): Resupply the entire team’s armor
  • Most Wanted contracts are back (in addition to the other 3 contracts none have been removed)
  • Loot Update
    • New SKS (Legendary only)
    • Updated 5 new blueprints
      • AX-50 (Epic)
      • Kili 141 (Legendary)
      • FAL (Epic)
      • MP7 (Legendary)
      • AUG (Epic)
  • Gulag Loadouts: the Gulag will now randomly choose from 6 ARs and 4 SMGs. All automatic, no burst or single fire gun included
    • Kilo 141
    • M4
    • AK-47
    • M13
    • SCAR
    • Ram-7
    • MP5
    • AUG
    • P90
    • Striker 45

General Fixes

  • Infected and Gun Game: now feature playlist text to reinforce that KDR and win loss are not affected
  • Blueprint variants of Gun Game and Gunfight: can now be enabled in custom match advanced options for their respective modes
  • Added fire throwing knife to restricted equipment for CDL
  • Fix the ‘Splash Guard’ shotgun weapon camo not applying properly to the weapon
  • Fixed a bug where on occasion, your selected Operator would not appear in the squad walk
  • Added a ‘Hold to Use’ option that allows you to choose between a hold or a press for the interaction button on keyboard and mouse
  • Adjusted the Monitor Distance Coefficient slider option to maximum value from 2.00 to 5.00
  • Out of map exploit fixes across various maps
  • Fixed a bug where players could take the ATV out of the map on Aniyah Palace
  • Fix for an XP exploit in Hardpoint
  • Fix for the ‘Time to Reap’ watch not displaying the time
  • Fix for the ‘Blue Skies’ watch appearing backwards when worn
  • Fix for some players spawning facing a wall while playing FFA on Talsik Backlot
  • Demolition: Added VO to alert the defending team a bomb site was destroyed
  • One in the Chamber: This mode is now available in custom games!
  • Regular Infected playlist now has random care package drops!
  • Gun Game Reloaded is now in the Quick Play filter.


  • Fire throwing knife: available in OSP mode
  • Fixes to the Snapshot grenade so it functions as intended in OSP mode


  • Fix for Rodion’s Season 3, Objective 3 Mission from not tracking properly (“Purchase the Armor Bundle in Warzone 2 times while using Rodion as your Allegiance Operator”)
  • Fix for the “Use the Dead Silence Field Upgrade in 3 different matches” not tracking properly


  • Renetti:
    • Reduce the max ammo reserve
    • MK3 Burst Mod: Significant hip spread increase
    • MK3 Burst Mod: Small decrease to damage
    • Reduced damage when Akimbo and MK3 Burst Mod are both equipped
  • FAL: Decrease to ADS time
  • SCAR: Decrease to ADS time
  • LMGS: Lowered ammo count for reload warning on belt fed LMGs
  • Reduced penalty for holding breath too long with sniper scopes
  • Fix for the level 34 unlock of the Renetti showing the Merc Foregrip
  • VLK Rogue
    • Increase rate of fire
    • Increase close damage range for 12 gauge
    • Increase damage range to 6” Revolt barrel
  • Holger 26
    • Increased move speed
    • Improved ADS time
    • Slight recoil reduction
    • Attachments:
      • FTAC 8.98” Spitfire Barrel:
        • Improved ADS time
        • Faster movement
        • Reduced hip spread
    • XRK Ultralight Barrel:
      • Improved ads time
    • 30 Round Magazine:
      • Reduce sprint out time
      • Improve ADS time
      • Faster movement
      • Improve hip spread profile
    • Not Stock:
      • Increase sprint out time
      • Faster movement
      • Reduce hip spread
      • Improve ADS time
    • Stippled Grip:
      • Improve ADS time


  • Fixed bug where a player could become immune to the gas if they were bought back as the final circle was closing
  • Fixed a rare bug that left a player in the Gulag until the end of the match
  • (PC) Fixed issue where the gas mask overlay could remain on screen after leaving the gas and entering a vehicle
  • Removed the option to “Squad Fill” while in BR Solo
  • Fix voice chat issue where it would sometimes cut out during a match
  • Reduce the RPG kill radius for players with full armor
  • Final circle now moves (BR)
  • The Most Wanted contract has had the time reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes
  • Replaced Shield Turret with Armor Box at Buy Stations (Shield Turret is still in loot)


  • When players respawned via the plane, their weapons will now start with at least one full magazine each, to fix getting into situations where you could respawn without any ammo
  • Operation Headhunter: Fix the players keeping the Gunship munition if the team wipes during the tank assault section
  • Operation Brimstone: Fix the Extraction Crate appearing to be already open if the team had wiped and restarted earlier in the match


  • (PS4) Atlas Superstore: added to Survival Mode
  • Teammates respawned via the ‘Respawn Flare’ item will now come back with full armor, to help them survive their dangerous respawns better
  • Disallow usage of the ‘Respawn Flare’ item if no teammates are currently in last stand or spectating, and display why
  • Fix for missing: dialog, store icons, and sounds during the buy phase
  • Fix for missing: message display for players attempting to use the minigun at the weapons store
  • Fix the ammo store: not filling your magazine, and only your stock, and fix its missing sounds
  • Made the assorted stores’ Cash font easier to read on dark screens
  • Players now get $10 per hit on enemy helicopters

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